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A Minute With James Reid

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This month we get to meet the guy whose name is on the bikes – James Reid. In 2009 James founded Reid with the aim to be Australia’s value bike brand. Now, in 2022, Reid continues to grow and expand internationally, giving people all around the world the chance to get out on two wheels.

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How has your role changed over the years?                                    

Previously I was involved in everything from product design, helping in DC and stores, ordering product etc. Now we have evolved and have professionals in each of these areas, so my role is now looking at the long term success of the company – dealing with banks and advising/mentoring each department. 

Most nights I chat with our UK team when they clock on for work and discuss any issues they have going on. I guess I’m spending less time on the tools and more time thinking/strategizing/mentoring. Being a hard worker who has always been on the tools, it was hard to adjust, but knowing that we have more qualified people in each department has made it an easy transition.

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What do you love most about running a bike company?

I love seeing an idea come to fruition and succeed. Sometimes that can be a new product we launch or a new store open, or when we make tech upgrades like launching a new and improved website. Recently seeing the eBikes, particularly KADe and eTrail kicking goals is a big thrill. Currently I feel we have the best team we have ever had, so seeing the team working together and achieving great results is great to see. 

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There are plenty of improvements being worked on – what are you most looking forward to?

There is a lot happening at the moment. I think the tech upgrades we have going on will be great for the business, both in improving our customer’s experience and our efficiency. We are also putting a lot of effort into training and developing our teams which should see some great results down the track. 

Our UK team now manages product development since we hired Leon who is a professional bike designer, so seeing the new products/improvements coming through is exciting. 

What’s your record for building a Ladies Classic Plus..?

When I worked more in the stores, I used to time each bike I built as a game with myself to always try and improve. I think my record for a Classic Plus was about 14 or 15 minutes. To do this requires good technique, having tools laid out neatly and using drills to loosen and tighten screws…and working up a sweat 🙂 

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What do you enjoy outside of work?

Outside of work, I enjoy my down time. Most weekends I’ll catch up with friends for drinks/dinners, I enjoy getting away when I can, I haven’t had a holiday in a while but have trips to Hamilton Island and Bali planned which will be great after a long Melbourne winter. 

Recently I decided to get fit so I’ve been eating a lot better and going to the gym most days. I start most days off with a long walk. It’s good for health and to clear your head. And of course I do some riding, currently I have a carbon fibre Reid road bike. It’s a one off sample our factory made for me a few years ago. 

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