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Arnold Schwarzenegger rides the Zeus Fat Bike

Arnold Schwarzenegger rides the Zeus Fat Bike

When Arnold Schwarzenegger visited Melbourne in 2015, he said he’d be back. True to his word (who would have doubted him!), he returned in March 2016 promoting the Arnold Classic. This is an annual professional men’s bodybuilding competition run by the International Federation of BodyBuilders.

Back in 2015, Arnie was snapped cruising around Melbourne without a helmet. Whilst the police stopped him for a few photo’s rather than to dish out a fine, Arnie copped a bit of stick in the press.

Arnie is surely one of the living treasures of the world. Therefore, Reid thought how best to keep the man safe on his latest visit to Australia. Notably, to make it all the more memorable, we gave Arnold Schwarzenegger a Zeus Fat Bike to enjoy. Check it out…

arnold schwarzenegger fat bike

Photo submitted by the owner of Chase (the Staffy) – Chantelle Raelene Zammit

Arnie’s a massive advocate of cycling and is often seen riding around cities he visits. Who knows where he’ll be next!? More importantly, we’re stoked that he loved his Zeus Fat Bike. In fact, he enjoyed it so much he’s asked us to send one to his house in the US!

Love the Zeus and want one of your own? Take a look at here. Or check out the Fat Bikes range.

At Reid, we believe that when life is experienced on two wheels, we become healthier, more mindful, more focused people. So, our job is to help them realise; to inspire, motivate and empower people to get out of the car, onto their bike and into the open world beyond. We see this as an opportunity to set an example. Therefore, we want to show the world that sustainable, economical and human aren’t mutually exclusive with performance, beautiful design and the Reid Rider lifestyle.

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