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Corporate and Supply Contracts



In 2014 Rob Akam, previously GM of Reid Cycles moves to UK to set up Reid Bikes Limited, with the aim of turning the popular Australian B2C brand Reid Cycles into a global bike brand.

Reid Bikes Limited steadily took on around 5 distributors per year, and are now sold in 24 countries including USA, Canada, Argentina, Switzerland, Norway, United Arab Emirates and New Zealand. We operate an international brand site as well as  retail sites in several countries.

In 2018 Reid Bikes Limited split from Reid Cycles PTY LTD in Australia, to operate as a stand alone business, and is a secure, profitable business which is growing rapidly. Reid Bikes Limited handles all Reid sales outside of Australia as well as handling all design and supply contracts.


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Supply contracts


As well as operating as a brand, Reid Bikes Limited designs and manufactures bikes and eBikes for several other brands. By leveraging off our strong supply chain across Asia, including China, Taiwan, Cambodia and Bangladesh, we help brands and large multi-sports retail chains bring their ideas to life for commercial success.

Within Australasia we supply 3 other brands at present. For client privacy we cannot disclose the brands, as we treat all clients with respect and confidentiality, never sharing information.

As a business, globally we now sell more non-Reid branded bikes, than Reid branded bikes, and we have increased our resources to take this part of the business to the next level.

How can we help your brand?


We go beyond simply making to specifications, by trying to fully understand what product our partners are trying to offer their customers, and then helping them to design and manufacture a great product, at a great price to exceed their expectations.

With our experience and economies of scale, we are able to offer multisports and retail chains and small to medium size bike brands a better product for the same or less money.

We can also help brands and retailers grow their ranges fast, and use our global experience to discuss trends across categories or colours.

Finally, we truly believe that our service is second to none when providing branding, sourcing and manufacturing. 

We successfully launched our own bike brand Reid over 10 years ago, and it is now available in over 20 countries with global recognition. We have a wealth of experience and knowledge to help grow or launch your own brand of bikes, or strengthen your current brand, or house brand. We have helped major retailers grow their in-house brands to be respected names in their markets. So if you have an idea for a new brand or want to grow your existing brand with it’s own identity and voice, then we’re in the perfect position to help.

It has been over 10 years since our first ever container of Reid branded bikes were produced. Since then we have made hundreds of thousands of bikes under the Reid name and others. We have great experience and understanding of bicycle production in Asia. Quite simply we believe we can design and source better bikes than any of our competitors for the same price and have a strong and stable supply chain. We also now have strong relationships with a European supplier for EU clients to avoid anti-dumping duties.

As you may be aware, all Reid bikes come with a ‘Lifetime Frame and Rigid Fork Warranty’, this is how confident we are of our manufacturing processes. We offer this same warranty to our partners on all of their productions. With a dedicated QC team on the ground at all productions, and regular factory visits from Reid senior management, we’re confident on providing you with an unparalleled quality of product for the price, to complement our exceptional service and design.


Lead times


Two questions we are asked at the start of discussions on supply contracts are lead times and MOQs.

Standard lead times on mass orders are between 65 and 90 days depending on the level of Shimano parts used. These time frames do not include public holidays, EG if manufactured in China, the public holidays for CNY or Golden Week will affect lead times.

We are also in a position to be able to offer clients the ability to order and hold stock to ship at our factory. This can give clients additional peace of mind coming into busy seasons, by ordering additional quantities pre-season to be able to book vessels and have extra stock on the water within a week.

Minimum order quantities


For new orders to be placed, we require an MOQ of just 10 (ten) units per SKU, and 30 (thirty) units per model per order, with an annual forecast quantity of 100.

We do NOT charge any ‘low qty surcharges’ either, like we know many of our competitors do. We firmly believe in keeping things simple and transparent.

With the ability to store stock, we can then ship out ANY mix of your stock, down to a quantity of 1 (one) unit of a given SKU if requested.

All we ask for is a no-obligation forecast from clients, to help us to plan for the year in terms of order placements and assembly line space.



Our quality control procedures


Reid employees full time QC staff, based in China that oversee each and every production.

Every production has a 48 point QC checklist supplied, with audit photos, issue and solution list (where applicable) and clear and regular communications throughout the ordering and manufacturing process. All QC documents are shared in a client shared drive that gets set up for each client.

We welcome clients to come and oversee their assemblies if they wish, as we stand behind our products and supply chain.

The end to end partnership process


Next steps

I hope that this page has given you a little insight into the way that we work with our clients.

If you like what you have read, let’s chat so we can understand where you are wanting to take your brand and range. If you are happy with your range exactly as it is, but keen to explore the potential of reducing costs, improving service or getting a better product, let us see if we can help.

From there we can get a better understanding, and start working on BOMs, artworks (if needed; as some clients use their own designers) and frame drawings, and provide quotations. From there we can get samples made within 30-40 days.