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MOTIVES: Search For Freedom

MOTIVES: Search For Freedom


Today we sit down with Dan Woodward, an avid mountain biker, photographer, filmmaker and all around nice chap. We met Dan around 6 months ago when we reached out to Bournemouth University to see if any of their film students would be interested in making a video for a brand and we lucked out when Dan, already heavy into his riding, reached out with his interest. So here we are, 6 months later and Dan has just released his short Film series MOTIVES with our Vice FS 3.0 being the centre of his Search for Freedom short, as seen below.


So Dan, how have you been?

Hi guys, I’ve been doing well, yeah. Been very busy with final year at uni but now that’s done, time to enjoy the sun!

How did you find the Vice FS 3.0?


Well, it’s very different from what I’m used to. Coming from a fully-fledged downhill mountain bike to a short travel cross-country bike was quite the switch, but was a really great experience. I was able to go places I just couldn’t before, try new routes and new climbs every time I went out. It really helped both my mental and physical fitness and definitely made my interest for pedalling grow – time to branch out the cycling I do.

How was it filming MOTIVES: Search For Freedom?

It was a fairly new experience for me, I hadn’t really produced anything like this before, but I enjoyed every second of it from planning to editing it was great to see it slowly piece together. To film it I planned a route for me and Max to cycle, and I just packed all my gear into a backpack and we got out there. It only took 4 days of shooting but finding the days with perfect weather was the hard bit, but we got very lucky for a lot of it. Shooting around golden hour and sunset makes for some really awesome landscapes and shots just adding to the enjoyment we had on the bikes. Max was a great rider too, quickly getting used to the Vice FS 3.0, and he did really well in front of the camera. It went really smoothly and I’m really happy with all the shots that made the final cut.

What were the highlights of the experience?

It’s hard to pick the best bits out on an experience like this. I enjoyed so much of it and learnt even more, so the whole experience was a highlight! If I HAD to narrow it down, i’d have to put the time filming down in Studland, shooting at Old Harry Rocks and the beach, at the top of my list. The views up there are incredible and I can’t get over the shot of the drone passing out over the water with the sun setting behind Max. Testing the bike was definitely up there too, was a lot of fun and meant that the film was from personal experience, which I think meant I could really connect with what I was making. Finally, when I did the final touches to the edit, and played it through from the beginning, I was genuinely proud of what I had produced and that feeling was so good, i’m really happy I can share it with as many riders (or future riders) as possible to try motivate them to get out and ride.

What’s the initial reception of the film series been like?

So far, everything has been so positive and it’s so satisfying to get such great feedback from everyone especially after some pre-release anxiety – but that quickly settled.  I have my list of things to improve for next time, and I did ask for people to leave any criticisms (of which I’ve had a few constructive comments), so with everyone’s support, the next project should be even better! But yeah, so far no dislikes or negative comments so that’s a strong win for me!

What future films do you have planned?

Right now, i’ve got nothing too serious in the pipeline. I’ve got a list of film ideas that need to be developed in my phones notes, but aside from them I will just have the annual Bournemouth University Cycling Club Morzine trip video to produce. Will need to work on something soon though, it’s such a great feeling to finish a project that i’m proud of.

Do you have any riding adventures coming up?

The only one set in stone right now is a long trip to Morzine and Samoens to ride some of the best trails in Europe with the university club and my family. There’s also some talks of doing Wales or Scotland tours with a bit more enduro trails, but we’ll have to see. Until then, i’ll probably be riding in the Surrey Hills for most of the summer!

Thank you to everyone who supported me to make this film, to Max for riding so much for the camera, to George Duncan for the perfect song and to Reid for the support, bike and contact – it’s been an unforgettable experience and I’m so glad I could produce something for you to spread the word on how good riding bikes is!

Dan Woodward

Filmmaker, Photographer, Avid Cyclist



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