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Argon 29er Review – Bournemouth Cyclist

30 January 2019  Featured



After lending out our Argon 29er to a local cyclist we met over Instagram and two duathlons later, Jon street ( has written a great review for anyone wanting to find out more about the Argon or 29ers as a whole.

Read a snippet of the blog below and head over to to read the full thing as well as the rest of Jons cycling journey.

The bike I’ve had the pleasure of time with is their mid-range Argon 29er. I’ve ridden it for approximately two months and got to know it pretty well. It’s been used on social XC rides with mates, solo single track missions, and I’ve even raced a couple of duathlons on it. It’s been great, and I’ll expand why I think that. But first, let’s look at the build.

The bike is built around Reids new custom alloy frame. Its smart looking and is specced as well as anything else I have seen at the same price point.

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