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Five ways to unforcefully force your friend to ride a bike

Do you have that one friend who uses every excuse in the book to avoid getting a bike?

Well here’s are five fool proof ways to get your future cycling buddy on a bike, which trust us they will thank you for…eventually.

One – Go bike shopping together, if your friend is new to cycling the experience can sometimes be a little over whelming or daunting. Simply visit Reid, to locate your nearest stockist.

Two – Play a game of ‘compare the petrol receipts’. To win, your receipts must show the least amount of money spent on petrol over the last week. Cycling wins every time.

Three – If they’re taking their time to embrace the bike, sometimes, taking control is the only way. Chuck a helmet in their lap and force them to ride. Or simply hide their car keys for the day.

Four – Be a good pal, and shout your friend a few too many takeaways. When they see themselves starting to gain a little extra weight, it’ll trigger the urge to ride instead of driving or using public transport. Not horrible, loving.

Five – If all else fails, tie your friend to a chair and blast ‘Queen – Bicycle Race’ non-stop until they give in.

There you have it, our five ways to ‘convince’ your future cycling buddy to join in on the fun.

Now, we know cycling isn’t for everyone, but when you think about how much fun you’ll have, how much money you’ll save, plus the health benefits – you’ve got to at least try it out, right?

But don’t forget if your friend hasn’t ridden for years, be sure to take into account…

Safety – Many people will avoid cycling due to the fear of theirs or others safety. If this is the case, give them a few lessons on the basics and build their confidence.

Time – Does your friend live two hours out of town? Perhaps consider hitting the cycle tracks or going to a beginner’s friendly event instead.

Clothing – We all like to look our best, even when we’re riding, but riding a bike doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your style. Just a few key essentials will do.