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How to choose the right kid’s bike

Nothing beats getting your first real bike! Like adult bikes, it’s important to get the correct size so that your little rider is comfortable and confident.

Kids bikes are generally measured by the size of their wheels. This differs from adult bikes, which are generally measured by the size of their frame. This is because adult bikes get more specialised and need different wheels for different applications.

The key dimension for a kid’s bike is the diameter of the wheel rim. The chart below is a general guide to choosing the correct size bike for your child.

Guide to kid’s bike sizes

The following is a guide only. If in doubt, please visit your local stockist to test ride a bike.

Age         Height (cm)            Height (Ft/Inches)     Recommended bike size
4-7         100 – 120cm           3.4” – 4.0”                  16” wheel
7-9         120 – 135cm           4.0” – 4.5”                  20” wheel
9-11       135 – 145cm           4.5” – 4.9”                  24”wheel

12” and 16” kid’s bikes typically include training wheels to help get things started. 20” bikes can generally also be fitted with training wheels to help new riders. Most bikes also have adjustable handlebars, stems and saddles to get the fit just right.

Special sizing for kids Fat Bikes

Because kid’s bikes are sized according to the outside diameter of the wheel rim (in inches), sizing kids Fat Bikes is a little different as the tyres are very big.

This adds more height to the bike (more rubber around the wheel rim) and this needs to be considered when referring to sizing charts. For example, a regular 20” kids bike would be suitable for a child aged 7-9 (120-135cm) but the 20” kids Fat Bike is suitable for a child aged 7-10 (125-140cm).

For ease of use, the recommended heights/ages below have been adjusted for our range of kids Fat Bikes:

Age           Height (cm)          Height (Ft/Inches)      Recommended bike size
4-7            100 – 125cm         3.4” – 4.1”                   16” wheel
7-10          125 – 140cm         4.1” – 4.6”                   20” wheel
10–13      140 – 150cm         4.6” – 5.0”                   24” wheel

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Safety and comfort

Kids grow fast, but don’t be tempted into buying too far ahead of their recommended size. A bike that’s the right size will be easier to control, making learning and confidence building much easier.

It’s also important that your little rider has a well-fitting helmet. Our helmets will provide real protection against the knocks and bumps that sometimes come with learning to ride.

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