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The REID Community

19 July 2017 



The REID community is vibrant, active and always looking to ride in style and quality. 

REID bikes are ridden all over the world with over 300,000 riders spanning more than 20 countries. There are no boundaries to our riders, who come from all walks or rides of life.


This is why we created a dedicated section to you, our riders!

This can be found via the community tab on the top navigational bar. This not only includes content for you, in the form of bike assembly guides and downloads, but also content about you and your experiences with our bikes. You, our riders, make REID the international bike brand we have all come to love, through your adventures and passion for our bikes.

Reid Bikes
Reid Bikes2 days ago
Give your kids that feeling of freedom with the perfect present of their first bike this Christmas.
Reid Bikes
Reid Bikes4 days ago
16", 20", Balance, what do they all mean? We break down Kids bike sizing, as well as what else you should be looking out for, over on our blog...
Reid Bikes
Reid Bikes5 days ago
Reid Bikes
Reid Bikes
Reid Bikes2 weeks ago
Who remembers that feeling of getting your first ever bike? We sure do at Reid! Give that feeling to the ones you love this Christmas and a present that they'll remember for the rest of their life.


James REID’s vision for Community

In late 2007, James suffered a back injury and needed to be able to do some exercise that didn’t involve the pounding and jolting that running causes. He couldn’t beleive it when he went to buy a road bike and was told that it would cost him around $1,000 for a very basic level of bike. It was at this point that he started thinking about creating his own bicycle brand with the specific aim of making riding a bike affordable for everyone, without compromising on quality.

So REID was born, to do just that. We have now expanded on this beleif and offer bikes to cover most riders, from novice, to lifestlye, to serious performance riders. Throughout our growth, we have always stayed true to offering our riders great value and great quality. However you ride, welcome to the REID family.
James Reid – Founder, Owner & Managing Director Reid Cycles Australia


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