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Performance riders demand a specific bike for a specific purpose. Our Performance range of bikes have been designed by experienced industry professionals to help you go faster, longer or over rougher terrain than ever before.

If you like to push hard every time you’re in the saddle, take a look at the following categories:

Mountain bikes

If you love to get off the beaten track, a mountain bike is the perfect choice. Built tough to handle a wide range of terrain from groomed trails to rugged singletrack, our range of XC and Trail MTB bikes will let you get amongst it.


Fat bikes and 27+

Reid offer a great range of Fat and 27+ (mid-Fat) bikes for riders that love extra traction for some serious fun.

Fat bikes run over-sized tyres on big rims for ridiculous amounts of grip and control. This setup enables exploration across soft, unstable or muddy terrain that was previously unrideable. Reid Fat bikes are designed with lightweight alloy frames and powerful disc brakes for all-conditions performance.

27.5+ bikes offer big traction but also speed and nimble handling that means they are fast becoming the new standard for MTB. Ride harder, go faster and stay off the brakes on these super fun bikes that are built to inspire confidence and push the rider.

Fat Bikes High Res-2


How do you ride Road? Whether you’re looking for an all-rounder or a bike that is more specifically designed for speed or endurance, REID has you covered. All road bikes are characterised by light frames and components, thin tyres for low rolling resistance and larger diameter wheels for speed and sure cornering on roads; but there are key differences in the set-up, geometry and riding position of Endurance and Racing road bikes that make them right for the job.


All-Road and Cyclocross

Gravel-grinders, Cyclocross, all-road, dirt-road-racers… no one term sums it up. Suffice to say these do-it-all rigs are designed for fast, mixed terrain, all-conditions riding. Quick and comfortable on the road, sure and nimble off-road – these bikes are built for long rides that can lead anywhere.

With stronger frames than a Road bike, wider tyres, and disc or cantilever brakes to tough it out in the mud and wet, these bikes will soak up whatever you can dish out.




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