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All-Road and Cyclocross Canada

We’re here to give you everything you need to get out there and explore freedom the way you want to. Accordingly, our gravel-grinders, cyclocross, all-road, dirt-road-racers offer exactly that. Suffice to say, these do-it-all rigs can tackle fast, mixed terrain, all-conditions riding. Remarkably, they are quick and comfortable on the road, sure and nimble off-road. These All-road and Cyclocross bikes in Canada are built for long rides that can lead anywhere you take them. More remarkably, they have stronger frames than a Road bike, wider tyres and disc or cantilever brakes. Being able to tough it out in the mud and wet, these bikes will soak up whatever you dish out.
Check out the full range of the All-road and Cyclocross bikes available in Canada beneath and get one step closer to planting a tree by purchasing a Reid!

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