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Product code: 120137

RRP: £499

Size: One Size

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(9 customer reviews)

Ergonomically designed eScooter with powerful 250W motor and 8.5″ wheels for a stable, comfortable and confidence inspiring ride. The free Reid eMobility app offers enhanced features such as journey tracking, light customisation, speedometer and more. Connect to the app and unlock all the benefits of your new eScooter using the code: 000000. Have a question? Reid eScooter FAQ’s

Product code: 120137

Price: £499

Size: One Size

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Did you know that for every scooter we sell (including this one) we will plant a tree? Yes, that’s correct. By buying a Reid, not only will you be getting an awesome e scooter at a great price, you’ll be planting a tree in the process, sustaining the environments that we love to ride in! Well done you!




Rider Height 5ft + / 152cm
Top Speed 25KPH
Battery 30 Cell, 36V, 7.5AH
Battery Range Up to 28KM
Weight 13.1KG
Motor Power (Watts) 250W
Charge time 3-4 hours
Deck High grade aluminium and IPX4 rated waterproof casing for battery and controller
Front Brake Electronic front brake with energy capture
Rear Brakes Mechanical disc brake 
Front Wheel 8.5″ 250W motor with puncture proof tyre
Rear Wheel 8.5″ rear wheel with puncture proof tyre
Front Light 4 High beam LEDs with coloured surround
Rear Light LED rear integrated brake light
Folded Dimensions 120 x 51 x 52cm
Unfolded Dimensions 120 x 120 x 52cm
Speed Modes
Speed 1:  9km/h | Speed 2:  18km/h | Speed 3:  25hm/h

* We reserve the right to make changes to the product information contained on this site at any time without notice, including with respect to equipment, specifications, models, colours, and materials. 

*Please note that rules and regulations for riding a Reid e scooter on public roads differ for every country.

*Reid eScooters arrive partially assembled in their box. You must check each bolt before use to ensure it is tight and secure. Should any bolts or screws become loose, you must tighten them fully before use. 

*If you need new disc brakes please find them on amazon here

9 reviews for E4

  1. Knightrider

    Just brilliant,so impressed.Save using gas guzzler car to go to as long as you have both hands on handlebars eyes on track/cycleway as you should always,especially unforeseen small tiny potholes or obstacles.Great for Safe riding fresh air and the environment.Great easy throttle control.only use brake as emergency,as very easy to slow when throttle off,slows down reasonably rapid as it cruise to stop.

  2. Alexandru Hauceag

    Worth it for the money

  3. Peter Heaney

    Very easy to use

  4. Sandra

    My E4 electric scooter is fantastic, this is rapid at 15.5mph, (I would recommend a helmet), has electric blue lights next to the base and has a head light,.brake light and also has cruise control so you can set it to the speed you wish. The government is reviewing for electric scooters to be made legal but my guess is it wont be long before its allowed on cycle lanes. Its has kilometers on the front dash so not quite worked it our yet how to change it to mph but I’m not bothered as long as it gets me to work and back. Not tried my distance just yet but does say it can travel 17km on one single charge, but no problem to charge up, Overall verdict at the moment is very good, would recommend to get one now before prices go up,

  5. Cartsy

    Perfect. I was after another brand buy buying this and using it I would 100% recommend this brand!

  6. katie87

    I am extremely happy with this scooter, it’s very easy to use and to put together. At night it lights up all around it so you can easily be seen by cars. The speed and battery display is easy to read and it’s just an altogether brilliant scooter. I highly recommend it, worth every penny.

  7. Ericka

    Bought this yesterday, it’s super speedy, looks cool and easy to set up. The rear light and baseboard light stays on for safety, front life is bright and can be turned off.

  8. Chrisp

    I bought the E4 electric scooter over a month ago now and have not been happier with a product! Amazing for getting from A to B without hitting any traffic and saving a lot of time! Would highly recommend it!

  9. Tech Advisor

    The E4 is a stylish eScooter with all the trimmings! The build quality is high and I love the unique features, including the customisable LED lights and the well-built app. Most importantly, it is a joy to ride and well worth investing in!

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