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Reid Rider Of The Month February

Bruno (@brunolorenzatti) is our Reid Rider of the Month for February!

Bruno is our Reid Rider of the Month for February on his Granite 2.0, after catching our eye on Instagram with his awesome photography of the breathtaking landscapes he cycles through on his Reid. We caught up with Bruno to find out a little bit more about him and his adventures on his Granite 2.0

Introduce yourself… 

Hi, my name is Bruno, I’m 33 years old, I was born and grew up in Cordoba province, in the centre of my country, Argentina. An ideal place for adventure lovers! I’m a digital artist, photography and cycling lover. If I’m not working on my computer, I’m on the road enjoying landscapes, riding or shooting with my camera.

When and how did you get into bike riding?

I started riding a bike when I was 5 years old, I competed in BMXing as a kid and over the years I incorporated the bicycle as a lifestyle. Now, I use my bike for commuting, traveling, training or just for a relaxing ride.

I don’t imagine a life without bicycles!

What made you choose the Granite 2.0 and is this your first Gravel bike?

A few years ago I started to see more and more Gravel bikes among the cyclists of my city and I paid more attention to them. I found out it was an ideal bike for riding through the Cordoba roads, where you can find plains, mountains with rivers, asphalt and gravel in a few kilometres.

After seeing several options, I decided to get my first Gravel bike, a Reid Granite 2.0, a bicycle with a perfect balance between price and quality, and it looked really beautiful!

How has it treated you?

I’ve been riding it for two years and it has treated me very well. Thanks to its versatility it has become my main bike.

What and where have you been with it?

I use it for commuting in my city, training or riding through the mountains of Cordoba during a weekend… I really enjoy riding this bike!

Do you have any other future adventures planned?

If everything goes well this year I have planned my first bike packing micro-adventure on my Reid. I can’t wait to park it next to my tent!

Finally, what advice would you give to those who are considering getting into cycling?

From my point of view, the bicycle is an excellent way to move, travel, meet people and places from a better perspective. So my advice for those who haven’t given it a chance, don’t hesitate, a world full of new sensations is waiting for you!


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