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Reid’s Environmental Pledge – One Year On…

Reid's Environmental Pledge - One Year On...

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It has been 12 months since we started our #buyoneplanetone environmental pledge, in which we promised to plant a tree for every Reid branded product we sell and we’re extremely proud to announce that we have now planted over 60,000 trees! Thank you to all of our partners and customers around the world who helped make this happen during the difficult year that was 2020.

Because of our continuous donations, we have now been awarded a promotion to a Seedling Level Partner from our planting parents Eden Projects, which we are honoured to have received. We look forward to continuing working with Eden Projects and see them as a long term partner for our environmental pledge for years to come. Read below to find out more about our award, our pledge and what we have planned for the future…

What Is Reid’s Environmental Pledge?

At Reid, we are not only passionate about allowing everyone the opportunity to explore their freedom, we are also passionate about ensuring that the environments we love to ride through stay sustainable. That’s why in 2020 we decided to take an active role in sustaining our environments, by planting a tree for every Reid branded product we sell.

In order to make the biggest impact, we partnered with Eden Projects who plant the trees on our behalf and are widely recognized as one of the most effective reforestation projects on the planet. Eden also provides fair-wage employment to impoverished people in developing countries. This “employ to plant” methodology delivers multiplied socioeconomic and environmental benefits and we’re honoured to be a part of this powerful global initiative. At the time of writing this blog, Eden Projects have planted over 480 million trees!

So next time you purchase a Reid product, whether it’s a bike, eScooter, paddleboard or kayak, remember that you are actively helping to contribute to sustaining our beautiful planet!

If you would like to find out more about our environmental pledge, click here.

2020… A Year of Planting

It’s been one year since we launched our #buyoneplantone environmental pledge and we couldn’t be happier with the amount of tree planting we’ve been able to do with our partners Eden projects. Thanks to the support from all of you around the world, we planted over 60,000 trees in 2020 and helped do our part in sustaining the planet, but it doesn’t stop there, we are always looking at new ways to contribute to the environment and we are excited to continue to do so throughout 2021 and beyond.

Reid Is Now A Seedling Level Partner with Eden Projects

We are pleased to announce that Reid has been awarded a promotion to a Seedling Level Partner by Eden Projects for planting 50,000 trees!  We are so proud to have helped contribute to help in the fight against climate change and we are excited to continue to help plant more trees in the future, here’s to the next 50,000!

Reid’s 2021 Environmental Pledge

In 2021, we still have the same ambition to help plant as many trees as possible. Our #buyoneplantone environmental pledge is still a vital role in Reid’s mission and we are excited to plant even more trees in 2021!

We are also always looking at new ways to help sustain the environments that we love to ride through and are actively working on making our bike packaging even more environmentally friendly, which we’ll be able to share with you very soon!


Here at Reid, we are passionate about contributing to the fight against climate change and that’s why we are so proud of the award of recognition given by Eden Projects. We are always looking at new ways to be even more environmentally friendly and we aim to continue to help contribute to sustaining our environments throughout 2021!

If you have any suggestions for how we can be more environmentally friendly, then please get in contact.


If you are interested in our range of bikes, scooters and watersports as well as contributing to our environmental pledge by planting a tree in its place, then check out the full Reid range here!