Vintage and Cruiser

Timeless styling mixed with modern design

Commuter and Folding

Fast, comfortable bikes for getting around your city

Fixies and Singlespeed

The perfect mix of speed, strength and style

Mountain bikes

Tough, light and versatile bikes to hit the trails

Fat bikes & 27+

Bigger is better on these off-road machines

Road bikes

Fast, light bikes built for performance

All-road and Cyclocross

Take your adventure further

Kids bikes

The same quality and style but for the younger rider

REID make great bikes that people love to ride. With a complete range of bikes to suit every type of rider, REID has grown from being one of Australia’s favourite bike brands to now be available around the world - in over 500 retailers across 15 countries. Browse the range or find a REID stockist near you

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28 July 2016

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