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Commuter Scooter

Unconventional, we know, but lightweight and faster than walking, have you thought about commuting by kick scooter? Before you decide whether this is for you or not, check out the below blog where we cover everything from scooter design and benefits of commuting…

What designs make for the most efficient scooter?


Touted as the new, convenient way to get around the city, today’s kick scooters are designed well to fit the needs and comforts of urban commuters. Particularly, many scooters are equipped with a height adjustable handlebar. Just like the importance of your bike’s saddle height, you’ll find commuting by scooter most comfortable when the height of the handlebar can be adjusted to fit your body proportion. Additionally, a good handlebar needs to be responsive and easy to steer. With the added benefit of the steerer tube to hold on to and steer, it’s even better for anyone not very confident with their balancing ability. Speaking of ergonomics, the grip design is equally crucial so that you won’t feel sore on your shoulders or arms on a long commute. Therefore, foam and rubber are preferable for that nice, soft feel.


A scooter usually has a rear brake or a brake on the handlebar, so that you can slow down or stop with ease. Remarkably, a scooter has the combination of a useful handlebar of a bicycle and a stable platform of a skateboard. Hence, you’ll get the best of both worlds from these two nimble means of mobility vehicles. With its particular design, riding a kick scooter won’t take much time to learn. Simply, there will be no sweat as you only need to stand with one foot on the deck, push the vehicle with the opposite foot and steer the scooter with a handlebar.

Notably, almost all scooter’s tyres are made up of a hard-composite material called polyurethane (PU), including our C1, C2 and C3 scooters. Significantly, this material is durable, puncture proof and doesn’t need pumping up. Also, it’s used to manufacture skateboard wheels, known for taking a lot of hard wear. Significantly, PU wheels are of high quality to provide good speed, low rolling resistance and smooth cornering. Nevertheless, if you prefer inflatable tyres for extra comfort on bumpy roads, check out our C4 scooter.


Needless to say, scooters are more lightweight and compact than a lot of other personal mobility vehicles. Especially, when most of them can fold! Certainly, a foldable scooter occupies less space, which is extremely convenient for quick transportation and small homes. However, despite their lightweight characteristics, our commuter scooters can carry riders with a weight of up to 100kg.

How beneficial is it to commute by scooter?


Lighter and more compact

As aforementioned, a scooter is smaller, lighter and more portable than a bike, which is already a very convenient means of transportation. Certainly, a scooter is easier to bring on to and off buses, taxis, trains and even under your desk. More remarkably, you can bring your scooter into a café or casual restaurant to avoid the risk of theft when parking it outdoors. If your commute consists of climbing steep hills at some point, you’ll be thankful for the portability of your vehicle.

Time and effort saving

Estimatedly, riding a scooter is three times faster than walking. Technically, you’ll save loads of time to reach your destinations by scooter over on foot. Interestingly, for students studying in huge campuses, scooters are said to be extremely useful to commute between buildings. This time saved can be better used for doing things for you and not just getting somewhere.

Lastly, there is no hustle and bustle to take care of your scooter since it requires little to no maintenance. Regarding kick scooters, they barely need oil, charging or pumping. It’s straightforward as to set up – step up – roll out and enjoy your rides.

We hope that through this blog, you’ve learnt how convenient and beneficial scooters are in this modern life. At Reid, we believe that freedom should have no limits. That’s why we’ve leveraged on our expertise of bikes to introduce a brand-new scooter range that allows all ages to experience their freedom on smaller wheels! Moving away from all the noise and bright graphics of traditional scooters, we have focused on delivering not only a quality range but a contemporary sleek design that suits the modern-day riders. We have various scooter models that can fit your different needs and wants.


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