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About Us



“The idea to start Reid came about in 2008 after I went to buy a bike to get some exercise. I was shocked at the price I was quoted in a number of bike shops. This got me thinking about creating my own brand of bikes that were high quality, looked great and most importantly, was great value, to get more people cycling. I figured if I was shocked at how expensive bikes are, there must be a lot of similar minded people out there that also wanted a better option.” James Reid, Founder.

From this, Reid was born. Within just a couple of years, there were Reid stores in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. They offer high quality, great value bikes to Australian consumers.

In 2013, after continued growth, James promoted Rob Akam to General Manger to help him take the business to the next level within Australia. Initially, Rob joined Reid in early 2012 as Sydney Store Manager after moving to Australia from the UK. Instantly, Rob and James clicked with the same passion and vision for delivering a great product at a great price. From here, a Senior Management Team was formed. Then, Reid continued to thrive in a competitive retail landscape in Australia.

Later, missing their families, Rob and his wife decided to move back to England late 2014. With James’ support, Rob decided to pursue his vision and belief that Reid was strong enough to sell in a competitive international landscape. With support from the Australian team, he reached out to distributors around the globe. The brand resonated with many of them. From there, Reid took on average 5 distributors per year, grew the international team and grew the range. Now, Reid is a truly international brand with head offices in the UK and Australia.

Ten years later, still with the same taste for disruption, passion for making great quality products and giving people the freedom to move, Reid continues to carry the initial vision set out by James. At present, Reid is available across the world in over 20 countries, through over 600 retailers, and still thrives in Australia with stores in all major capital cities. Learn more about what makes the Reid brand different below.

Freedom to move

We’re Reid. We believe that on two wheels, so much more can happen in life. Reid is for everyone united by a desire to do things differently. Whether about town, commuting to your city job, climbing the winding country roads, or zooming down a trail, we’re here to give you everything you need to get out there and explore your freedom the way you want to.

For Reid, freedom is key. It doesn’t matter who you are, what you’re into, whether you ride for fun, or enjoy getting technical. It doesn’t matter if you cruise, commute or carve your way down the mountainside. What matters is your freedom to move.

Go where you want. On your terms. At your pace. To your beat.


At Reid, we believe that the freedom to move is for everyone. That’s why we speak cross-category. It’s why we offer products across a range of prices, at incredibly competitive rates. It’s why we don’t claim to be better, we claim to be different. We’re all in this together, because together, we can accomplish more. The sky is the limit. The possibilities are endless and nothing is impossible.



When life is experienced on two wheels, we become healthier, more mindful, more focused people. So, our job is to help them realise; to inspire, motivate and empower people to get out of the car, onto their bike / scooter and into the open world beyond. We see this as an opportunity to set an example. We want to show the world that sustainable, economical and human aren’t mutually exclusive with performance, beautiful design and the Reid Rider lifestyle.



We speak to commuters, nature-lovers, bike and scooter enthusiasts, socialites, athletes to name just a few. Each and every one of these people could know more about how their cycling lifestyle — whatever form that takes — affects the world around them, the people that live in it, and the way their involvement and investment can change things for the better. Which is precisely why we educate them, through our words, films, pictures and the standards we set in the industry.


To facilitate people’s freedom on two wheels and more across the world.



We offer no barriers to this kind of freedom, meaning we keep costs down, as the joy of cycling and being free should be accessible to everyone. We design and manufacture premium quality, affordable transport for every kind of rider: novice to experienced, casual to obsessive, style-conscious to technically-minded.



We’re here to give everyone freedom to move to their beat on two wheels, because it’s better for the planet and better for the people.


The #Freidom Community

Everyone has the basic right to move from a place of stuckness to a place of empowerment. Our community is no different. This is about more than bikes and scooters. It’s about the self-belief that change, movement, and freedom is possible, no matter how tough things can sometimes seem.

When someone decides that something in their life needs to shift, Reid is there to support them — whether it’s as simple as needing a bike or scooter, to biking for a good cause, to practising mindfulness when your travel. Each turn of the wheel is a chance to see things differently, to champion something new, to change the world one hill, cruise, commute and gear-shift at a time.

The Reid community now spans internationally, over 6 continents and over 20 countries. Get involved in the Reid community online by joining the conversation our Facebook and Instagram. Use #freidom to grab our attention and for your chance to be featured on our Insta feed and blog!

Our Founders and Directors

This has been an amazing journey for Reid, but through it all, our passion for bringing well designed, high-quality bikes and scooters to people remains. For us, riding makes the world a better place to be.

Find out more about the people who helped make Reid happen, our Directors, below:

James Reid

Founder & Managing Director

Reid Cycles Australia

Reid remains a family-owned and run business. James is a hands on Director and works across all aspects of the operation, side-by-side with the team to ensure the business continues to grow domestically within Australia and around the world. James is a passionate entrepreneur who loves seeing new products and projects come to life that helps our customers.

Rob Akam

Managing Director

Reid Bikes International

Rob has been integral to the success of Reid, guiding the growth of the business from an Australian based retailer to global mobility brand with distributors around the world. Previously the GM in Australia, Rob now heads up all International activities of the business from our International Head Office in Bournemouth, England.