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In 2008 James Reid decided he wanted to buy a bike – so he checked out several bike stores and found he couldn’t get a decent road bike for under $1000. Sure, you can get a cheap bike at a supermarket but the quality just isn’t there.

He thought – if I am thinking this way there must be others out there who are too. James decided to do something because he has a “passion for getting a good deal” and that deal must deliver “good quality”.

From this REID was born. Imagine – back in 2009, you wanted a bike and one of your mates told you – there is this guy called James selling brand new bikes from his garage for a couple of hundred bucks. Of course, you would check it out – and you would end up testing a bike on the nearby lane. At times, there would be more than 20 people riding up and down that lane and most of them bought a bike! These original REID’s sold like hotcakes – there was a waiting list for the next container load and customers couldn’t wait to grab one.

REID still provides great quality and value for money, and just as in 2009, each bike is still designed with that passion of getting a good deal for our customers. Now selling through its own retail stores in Australia, REID is not only one of Australias most popular bikes, but is sold worldwide in over 15 countries.


Making great bikes that people love to ride

REID has built a world-class team of skilled and passionate design and specification staff with global bike industry experience. From design through to sourcing, production and quality control, REID now has control over every step it takes to build a great bike.

REID understand that people have different motivations when selecting their bikes, so we have designed a range to cater for all types of rider –  whether a Lifestyle, Urban Utility or Performance rider.

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Who is a Lifestyle rider?

Riding is seen as fun, social, good for your health and the environment. Although quality and function are important, style and comfort are essential. So whether riding to get a coffee with friends, or the occasional trip to work or uni – we have a fashionable bike to fit into this rider’s life.

Who is an Urban Utility rider?

Riding is an integral, necessary part of this rider’s life. It may be their primary form of transport and should be light, tough and very functional. Without their bike the Urban Utility rider can’t go about their everyday. We understand this and design our Urban Utility bikes with absolute reliability in mind.

Who is a Performance rider?

The Performance rider wants a specific bike for a specific purpose. They’re a serious rider who is always pushing hard when in the saddle. Bikes in this range have been designed and tested by industry professionals to give outstanding performance.

REID Vision

To be the bicycle brand of choice for  LifestyleUrban Utility and Performance riders around the world, through exceptional design, manufacture and distribution.


By creating bikes people love to ride at competitive prices.


We believe that by giving customers a better product and buying experience, we can help to grow the global bike riding community.

The #REIDbikes Community

The REID community spans internationally. There are no boundaries to our riders, who come from all walks or rides of life. Get involved in the REID community by joining the conversation online via our Facebook and Instagram, #reidbikes to grab our attention and for your chance to be featured!

A word from our Directors

This has been an amazing journey for REID, but through it all our passion for bringing well designed, high quality bikes to people remains. For us, riding bikes makes the world a better place to be.

REID has a passionate team with skills and experience across design….. design, manufacture, distribution and retail. REID also designs and manufactures bikes for other brands as well as for custom and corporate clients. Find out more about our Directors below:

James Reid – Founder & Managing Director Reid Cycles Australia

REID remains a family owned and run business. James is a hands on Director and works across all aspects of the operation, side-by-side with the team to ensure the business continues to grow domestically within Australia and around the world. James is a passionate entrepreneur who loves seeing new products and projects come to life that help our customers.

Bruce Reid – Finance Director Reid Cycles Australia

Bruce is James’ father and oversees all financial aspects of the business. Having previously sold his successful financial planning business in the mid 2000s, Bruce joined the business to ensure that it had the financial planning skills and experience needed to grow rapidly.

Rob Akam – Managing Director Reid Bikes International

Rob has been integral to the success of REID, guiding the growth of the business from an Australian based retailer to global bike brand with distributors around the world. Previously the GM in Australia, Rob now heads up all International activities of the business from our UK International Sales office.


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