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Reid Rider of the Month – June

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Carla (@carla.lindaa) is our Reid rider of the month for June!

Carla has become our Reid rider of the month for June on her Ladies Classic after catching our eye on Instagram with beautiful photos of her and her boyfriend, both riding Reid’s! We caught up with Carla to find out more about her and her journeys with her boyfriend on their Reid bikes.

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Introduce yourself…

Hi it’s me Carla, a 26 year old woman from Switzerland, who’s living her pretty normal life in the most vibrant and sunshiny way. I grew up in Lucerne and then I moved to Zurich at the age of 21, where I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in communication and media sciences from university. After a short detour to Munich for an internship, I have now been back in Zurich for 4 months. I am currently working in marketing in the financial industry which is really appealing to me. Sports is the balance to my work, I love running outside, playing tennis or taking part in group courses in the gym. During the lockdown, playing sport has become much more important to me. I usually spend my weekends in a comfortable way with good food, delicious wine and my friends and family.
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How have you been getting on during lockdown?

The lockdown was quite a challenge for me. At the time I had just started my new job and after 2 weeks we were forced to work from home. My boyfriend, who is about to finish his master studies, was also at home from that time on. After a few weeks of settling in together we got along quite well, however, I can hardly wait to finally work in the office again! Human exchange is so incredibly important to me and I would also like to be able to ride my bike to work again!.
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When and how did you get into bike riding?

Although Zurich offers a very good public transport system, almost 3 years ago the desire for a bicycle arose and shortly afterwards my friends got me the bike of my dreams – probably the best present ever! My bicycle offers me a lot of flexibility and spontaneity, the perfect complement to my lifestyle…
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Are these your first ‘adult’ bikes?

We both already had mountain bikes, but our new Reid’s are perfect for everyday riding!
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So what made you and your boyfriend both choose Reid’s?

I totally fell in love with the colour of the bike and the option of a beautiful basket is especially convenient. I also wanted a comfortable bike that would give me good posture and allow me to sell all my surroundings well, whilst riding around. Funnily enough, until recently I didn’t know that my bike was from Reid, as it is known in Switzerland as “Gangurru.” Only when my boyfriend recently bought his Reid Roller, was it made apparent that we both own Reid’s when Kyle from the marketing team reached out to me to make me Reid rider of the month!

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How have they treated you?

We are both extremely satisfied with our bikes. They are a perfect match for cruising around in the city and can even handle the rougher parts, specifically around the lakes! What I think is really great is that the bike offers 7 gears in contrast to comparable models.
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What and where have you been with them?

I use my city bike almost every day, whether to travel to work or to keep active. We also use the bike for shopping, visiting friends or getting some fresh air after a busy day.
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Do you have any other future adventures planned?

Luckily, lockdown restrictions are finally being lifted, which allows us to do many more activities again. Our plan for the summer is to discover the many corners of Zurich – by bike of course! During the week we try to ride to the lake or river in the evening to refresh ourselves by jumping in the water and then having a picnic. We love to get up early on Sunday morning and ride to a new hidden café and enjoy a delicious cappuccino with a croissant in the quiet morning hours. The absolute best start to a cosy Sunday!

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Finally, what advice would you give to those who have never been on a bike or couples who are thinking about riding together?

A bicycle is much more than just a means of transport. A bike is the start of so many incredibly great adventures, which brings you even closer together as a couple and creates unforgettable memories!
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