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Reid Rider of the month June 2021.

Previously a Reid Condor rider, Benz (@sainah.benz) is now enjoying the Express Road Bike.

We’re really excited to share this rider of the month with you, Benz’ enthusiasm for her bike and adventure is infectious and so clear from her answers. We’ve caught up with Benz to find out more about her virtual challenges and the adventures that she has embarked on with her Express.

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Introduce yourself…

Hello there fellow riders! I’m Sainah Benz Alonzo. You can call me Benz. I am originally from the Philippines and came here to Australia in 2016 to study website design along with my partner. The experience of starting a new life, meeting new people, learning new things has given me such a rush that we’ve opted to stay and enjoy the sand and sea.

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When and how did you get into bike riding?

I found my love of riding again after getting injured from years of running. To avoid the strain I’m putting on my knees, I took up cycling. Other than a workout alternative, I do it for my mental health. I was diagnosed with adult ADHD and wanted to stop taking medication. So my doctor advised me to be physically active as it has the same benefits, maybe even better.

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What made you choose the Reid Condor/Express?

I chose to ride the Express as I wanted to get into cycling more. Before that, I bought the Condor second-hand from a former triathlete. I didn’t know anything about road bikes then so when I experienced how fast I can go, I wanted to level up and opted for one with a dropbar. I have plans on joining a marathon, much like when I use to run half marathons back in the Philippines.

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Is this your first road bike?

This would be my second road bike. My first was a bit of an accident as I just wanted to go on a ride. I didn’t know anything about the different types of bikes until I got the Condor. And now I’ve opened another chapter of my riding journey with the Express. I’m slowly exploring more roads and getting to know more about riding.

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How has it treated you?

It has gone beyond what I thought a bike could be. When I push forward, it was pushing with me. I’m riding longer and stronger and it’s very reliable when going uphill. I’m not a serious cyclist right now who rides in a group. I’m more of a work-from-home graphic designer that wants to do better when it comes to her workouts. And I couldn’t ask for a better ride.

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What and where have you been with it?

I’ve been riding more for over a year now and the farthest I’ve got was from Caloundra to Mooloolaba. A good 40kms passing through Nicklin Way, stopping over to enjoy the view at Point Cartwright then enjoying some fish and chips when we got to the beach. On a workday, I usually cycle around Birtinya lake to take pictures of the sunset. If I get lucky, black swans would be swimming about.

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We are aware that you have recently completed a challenge, was this your first and how has that been?

This virtual challenge would be my 8th. I got addicted to racking up miles last year and kept joining one challenge after another. I started these by running, yet lately, it’s more on bike rides which I think is better for my lower extremities. I’m not the type who’d collect medals when I exercise but since starting my first, I’ve been more active. All the dopamine and serotonin that exercise is giving me is improving my mood. How I work, how I focus and generally how I am when I’m with my loved ones. When a good flow hits, that’s the best feeling ever.

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Do you have any other future adventures planned?

I usually ride from house to our destination. Now I plan on driving somewhere to get variety. Noosa is our next stop. I want to bike around the parks and see what amazing wildlife there is to photograph. And further along, we might look for a good path somewhere in Brisbane.

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Finally, what advice would you give to those who are considering getting into road biking or perhaps have never tried it before?

The energy and joy of riding can be everything. It can turn your day around. And if you think working out means looking good in tights, think again. It’s simply about moving and giving yourself the healthy attention it needs no matter your body type or what you’re wearing. Riding is for everyone at any time. And there’s no better way to start it than now.

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