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You’ve heard about people finding fish, maybe even a shoe in a lake, but what about a bicycle?

This is exactly what @anina_lisa came across one afternoon as she went to go swimming in the local lake and saw this bicycle at the bottom of a lake. As she was sitting next to the lake a thought ran through her head,  ‘why walk when I could cycle.’




Someone else had obviously not loved this bike, whether an unwanted gift or a drunken stumble, somehow this beautiful bike had ended sitting at the bottom of the lake.  But no harm done, @anina_lisa had a plan, having been a lifeguard earlier in life, she was going to rescue this bike and give it the home it deserved.




After a splish, splosh and a splash she managed to save the bike from the depths of doom. But what now? Everything was working except the front light,  purple isn’t her colour, the owner is nowhere to be found and isn’t it finders keepers anyway? The bike hadn’t rusted so @anina_lisa thought best to give this bike a new home.




And a new home if exactly what this bike deserved and got! Now being ridden around the roads of Switzerland and not swimming in the depths of a lake, this bike has been given a new lease of life.  It’s not everyday you find something worthwhile picking up on the floor, let alone at the bottom of a lake.  Now getting used to the purple @anina_lisa loves her “New Bike” and is making the most of it now summer is here. ” I don’t understand how someone can throw away a perfectly fine bike like this…”.


anina final



FUN FACT: Did you know 15,000 bicycles are retrieved from the canals of Amsterdam every year! Read more about this story by clicking here: Fishing for Bicycles.


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