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The Most Extraordinary Places To Cycle Around The World

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Cycle Routes From Around The World!

Reid is now available in over 20 countries worldwide meaning there are lots of people riding Reid’s all over the world! This week, we wanted to find the most beautiful cycling spots from different countries, which you could take your Reid too (if it’s not too far away!)

Here are some of our favourite cycling routes worldwide…

The Lakeland Loop – Lake District, England  

This 40 mile bike route has previously been voted the best ride in Britain for its picturesque, rural views and dramatic landscape.

The start of the cycle stretches along the beautiful shore of Lake Coniston, which has idyllic views. However, this route might be known for its outstanding scenery, it’s also known for its challenging route. This is not one for the unexperienced cyclist as there are some steep 30% gradients. Despite this, the climbs are worth it for the views that await from the top.

This route is a ‘must-visit’ for those experienced riders looking for a challenge. We recommend a Road bike such as the Osprey Drop Bar to take on this route, perfect for climbing up those hills.

 Cabot Trail – Canada

The Cabot Trail located in Nova Scotia, Canada is an excellent choice if you’re looking to do a cycling tour. This route is approximately 185 miles which makes it a perfect multi-day bike trip. You’ll be sure to experience the most stunning views when cycling along this trail.

The Cabot Trail is considered one of the most beautiful places for a cycling tour in all of North America and is a ‘must visit’ for any serious bikers. As the Cabot Trail is essentially one big loop, you can start it anywhere you want and usually takes the average rider 5 days to complete.

It is recommended to complete the tour from early June until early October, so that you can ride in the perfect weather conditions.

This cycling route is perfect for our Vantage Endurance 1.0, perfect for eating up the longest of cycles whilst keeping you comfy in the saddle.

 Lake Tahoe – Nevada, USA

One way to cross the stunning Lake Tahoe, located in Nevada USA, is by bicycle. This is one of America’s most beautiful bike rides with riders experiencing the extraordinary views over the lakes.

A 72 mile route circles the luscious lake which climbs over ridges and hugs the shoreline with spectacular views of the Lake. It takes the average cyclist at least 5 – 6 hours to complete this circuit but you might want to take longer to take in the amazing views.

If you’re planning to ride around Lake Tahoe, then it might be worth checking out the Lake Tahoe Bicycle Coalition safety tips. This was introduced by the Lake Tahoe Bicycle Coalition to ensure everyone rides around the cycle route safely. You can check out their safety list here!

We took our very own X-Trail out to Lake Tahoe and the images were sublime. We definitely recommend visiting Lake Tahoe if you can!

The Great Ocean Road – Australia

The Great Ocean Road is one of the most well-known scenic roads in Australia, known for it’s gorgeous coastal surroundings and breathtaking views. This 266k road can be divided into three incredible cycle paths.

The first part of the road is a 87km mainly flat ride along the coast of Port Campbell National Park. This is mainly all on road and on the way you will pass some incredible rock formations. The second part is roughly 76km and is the opposite to the smooth road cycle of the first part. Instead, this will take you up hills into a rainforest, ending with a flat sections through Aire River Valley. Lastly, the final route is 102km and is a stunning ride along the surf coast. The road hugs the coast meaning you will not miss the amazing beach views and the surfers taking to the waves!

For this route, the Falco Elite is the perfect companion for riding along the flat roads as well as taking you safely up the hills.

Route des Grand Crus, France

Cycling the Route des Grand Crus, which translates to “Road of the Great Wines,’ is an unforgettable cycle route, taking riders into the heart of vineyards and through charming villages. This 44km is located in France’s wine countryside of Burgundy and on the way you might even be able to sample some of the finest wines. Just don’t drink too much while cycling!

Why not take the Original Road along this route with you? This classically styled road bike is perfect to cycle through the vineyards in style.


Cycling allows you to explore new routes with spectacular views and there are thousands of beautiful routes out there, just waiting for you to ride along. From cycling along the coast to cycling alongside the countryside, wherever you cycle take your Reid with you and explore your freedom!


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