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Reid Rider of the Month – November

Reid Rider of the Month - November

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Manu (@manuparshar) is our Reid Rider of the month for November!

Manu is our Reid Rider of the month for November on his E-Trail 1.0 after catching our eye on Instagram with his awesome photos and his love for mountain biking! We caught up with Manu to find out more about him and his adventures on his E-Trail 1.0… 


Introduce yourself… (A bit about yourself, where you’re from, etc)

My name is Manu Parashar, 32, from Melbourne, Australia.

When and how did you get into bike riding?

Like any other kid, I used to ride bikes when I was younger. Recently due to the lockdown there wasn’t much to keep myself healthy and fit, so I just got inspired from one of my friends to get into riding. I have already thanked him a few times for getting me into the healthy habit of bike riding.

What made you choose the Reid E-Trail 1.0 and particularly an eBike?

eBikes are the talk of the town! I am also a nature loving soul, I love going camping and hiking so I had this very clear thought to go for a mountain bike. The main reason behind choosing Reid was the affordability of Reid products without compromising the quality. My interests towards technology showed me a path to go for an eBike. With an eBike I can go further on the trails, which means more adventure.. win win situation for me! Overall, mountain biking is an adventurous and healthy habit. After a few days of getting my E-Trail 1.0, there was the  2.0 in the market which gave me a slight setback but the good thing is I got to experience a hub driven bike. I can’t wait to get my hands on E-Trail 2.0, another example of outstanding engineering by Reid!

Is this your first eBike?

Yes, this is my first eBike.

How has it treated you?

I simply love this bike. It works as intended, really helps especially in long rides and conquering those trails. Battery backup is a bit of concern when it comes to eBikes but with the E-Trail 1.0 this has been amazing and even on my longest ride I still had battery left. This gives me confidence that it has a significant battery backup, if used properly.


What have you been up to with it and where has it taken you?

I have been riding around the streets when we only had 5kms of radius in Melbourne due to the lockdown and it performed very well but to be fair with the E-Trail 1.0 this thing really deserves to be on the trails. It definitely has potential to prove on rough terrain.

Do you have any other future adventures planned?

Indeed, bike riding has become a part of life. Every weekend we have a ride planned.

We’re also aware that your little one has a Reid Explorer, how is she finding that?

My E-Trail was the first Reid bike and after using the E-Trail, I am in love with Reid products and also convinced some of my friends to get a Reid bike. As a result, I also got a Reid Explorer for my daughter Myra, this is her first bike so we needed something with training wheels and this bike ticks all the boxes. All I can say, Myra is obsessed with her Explorer. I am glad I got her the Explorer as it means now we can also go on rides together, making memories!

Finally, what advice would you give to those who are considering getting an eBike?

If you are thinking of getting an eBike, without a doubt, just go for it, you won’t regret getting an eBike. When it comes to maintenance, there are few tips and tricks for eBikes due to the electrical components in the bike but this is understandable and like any other electrical machinery.

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